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Solar position calculator results
(Using solar constant = 1367 W/m2)

Date: 0/0/0 Time: 0: 0: 0 Zone: GMT
Lat: 0.00° Long: 0.00° Aspect: 0°
Pressure: 0.0 mB Temp: 0.0° C  

Declination -18.8115°
Solar zenith angle
(no refraction)
Solar zenith angle
(with refraction)
Julian day -678621.5000
Equation of time 11.9236 min
Hour angle -177.0191°
Extraterrestrial global horizontal solar irradiance 0.00 W/m2
Extraterrestrial direct normal solar irradiance 0.00 W/m2
Daily global ETR 10170.5 W/m2
Daily direct normal ETR 16877.3 W/m2
Earth radius factor 1.0289
Sunrise 05:48:04
Sunset 17:48:04
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