Solar data

From this page, you can specify data to download or you can navigate to pages that describe the data collected at each monitoring station, provide information about data file structure, or contain details about the instruments we use to measure solar radiation.

Understanding the solar resource

Prior to using solar data it is important to understand the terminology of solar resource assessment and the geometry that relates the incoming solar radiation to the collector. The section on solar radiation basics provides this fundamental information. Information on modeling and correlations of the solar resource can be found in PDF files that are part of our Pacific Northwest Solar Radiation Data book.

Pacific Northwest solar resource maps

To gain an appreciation for the amount of solar radiation available in the Pacific Northwest, and to see at a glance the seasonal variation in this resource, check out our series of average annual and monthly irradiance maps.

To download data

Choose from the following types of data files:

To plot archival data

Our data plotting program graphically depicts selected data, allowing you to see at a glance how irradiance values, solar cell performance, or meteorological readings varied on particular days at specified monitoring stations. In addition to the general program interface, we've included links to it from all of our Web pages devoted to currently active monitoring stations (such as this: Eugene). These links cause the program to display charts of the most recent data we have from our active stations.

Solar monitoring stations

Locate our monitoring stations on a map, and find out what types of data are measured at each one.

More about our data

Read about types of data we collect, including conventions used in our data files. For specific information about particular types of data files, click on one of the following links:

For more information

Learn about sensors used to monitor solar radiation.

Check out software that will help you manipulate and use solar radiation data.

Learn about solar resource assessment.

Read technical documents about some of the aspects of solar radiation measurement.

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