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Select monthly file blocks of one-minute files with combined spectral and broadband data

Use this form to select the location of spectral files.
Specify a range of dates that are of interest. Click on the Select files button to see a page listing all the files that were selected. You can then download all of them as a single compressed file.

Step 1—Specify stations


Tauche, Germany

Step 2—Specify days

From Through

NOTE: Collection of spectral data began in Eugene in 2015. The spectral data from Lindenberg, Germany began in 2014 and the files here end in 2018. The Lindenberg data are courtesy of the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD – German Meteorological Service), Meteorological Observatory Lindenberg – Richard Assmann Observatory (MOL-RAO); Am Observatorium 12, 15848 Lindenberg (Tauche), Germany
For information on the broadband data: Stefan Wacker (DWD, MOL-RAO: stefan.wacker@dwd.de)
For information on the spectral data: Lionel Doppler (DWD, MOL-RAO: lionel.doppler@dwd.de)

Step 3—Click the Select button


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