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Select monthly file blocks of one-minute files with combined spectral and broadband data

Use this form to select Spectral files for downloading. Files are monthly blocks of one minute data. Click on the file with the year an month that you want to download. Information on the file structure can be found at in the document on file structure.
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-05.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-06.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-07.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-09.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-10.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2015-11.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-01.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-02.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-03.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-04.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-05.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-06.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-08.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-09.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-10.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-11.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2016-12.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-01.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-02.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-03.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-04.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-05.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-06.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-07.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-08.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-09.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-10.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-11.csv
  • EUO_Spectrum_2017-12.csv
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