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Format of archival spectral data files

Information on the spectral distribution of incident radiation is useful for modeling and evaluating the performance of Photovoltaic (PV) systems and characterizing the aerosol and particulate distribution in the atmosphere. There a limited number of detailed, short interval spectral radiation datasets available worldwide and the spectral data are collected with a variety instruments. For each station that reports spectral data here, the manner in which the data was collected will be described along with the format of the data file. The files are in monthly blocks.

Eugene spectral data files

The Eugene global horizontal spectral irradiance data are generated by an EKO MS 700 spectroradiometer. The data files consist of short time interval – usually 1 minute – spectral and broadband data in month blocks. The file is a comma separated file (.csv) that consists of eight header rows that provide the station name and location, year and month of the data followed by a description of the broadband data and the spectral data in the file. Row 9 starts the one-minute data section of the file and identifies what is in each data column. Bad or missing data are labeled NA, not available. The document containing a comprehensive description of the spectral file structure can be downloaded by clicking here Eugene spectral file description. The uncertainties and nature of the global spectral data gathered by the EKO MS 700 spectroradiometer are also discussed in the document.

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