UO Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory
SRML stations: Eugene, OR

Below: Eugene solar radiation monitoring station looking northwest. The 45 degree tilted pyranometer is in the plane of the solar cell array. The Tilted 30 and 90 degree pyranometers are behind the shade bands that reduce ground reflection. The SciTech automatic tracker is on a pedestal with two diffuse measurements and one global. Note that the trees to the west can obscure the setting sun.

Station details

Eugene station photo #1
Below: Eugene station looking west. The Rotating Shadowband Pyranometer is shown behind the banister, and the MFR-7 radiometer is just behind and to the west of the RSP. The 90 degree tilted, north-facing pyranometer is mounted on the corner of the shed that contains our data logging equipment. Note the trees to the southwest that can obscure the setting sun.

Eugene station photo #2
Eugene station photo #3   Left: RSP and MFR-7 radiometers at the Eugene station. Having a variety of solar monitoring equipment at the Eugene research station helps in comparing the data between the reference and the subsidiary stations.
Bottom: The SciTech tracker, with the mounted NIP and PSP, is silhouetted against a clear sky.

      station photo #4: 2AP Tracker

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Station details

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