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About SRML

The UO SRML is a regional solar radiation data center, whose goal is to provide sound solar resource data for planning, design, deployment, and operation of solar electric facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Creating the long-term solar radiation data base necessary to achieve this goal requires persistence, maintenance of high standards, and an effort to educate people on the importance of a solar radiation database and how to use the database.

A look back
Srml history button Our laboratory has been in operation since 1975. You can learn about our history if you'd like.

The monitoring network
Monitoring stations button The UO solar monitoring network consists of five reference stations and twelve subsidiary stations. During the period 2001-2003, we plan to add two more reference stations. These reference stations can supply the engineering data needed for large-scale system designs and for improved ground truthing of satellite solar radiation data, while the subsidiary stations provide solar resource information from a wider variety of locations, along with further data to validate satellite estimates. Our Web page about monitoring stations also has links to pages that discuss various aspects of our solar radiation data measuring and processing.

Lab personnel
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Our staff consists of director Frank Vignola (operations, scientific studies, and educational outreach), Richard Kessler (station maintenance and calibration and data analysis), Josh Peterson (station maintenance and calibration and data analysis), and Riley Brogan (Web development, database management, computer programming, and maintenance). Student workers help with everything from filing, to data analysis, to scientific studies.

Our Web site
About our Web site button This Web site is integral to our mission, allowing us to disseminate regional solar irradiance data and to provide tools to facilitate its use, along with educational material to aid understanding of how it is properly used. You can find out more about our Web site design goals and strategies.

The SRML educational mission
Educational material button In 2000, a contract with BPA facilitated our educational outreach programs designed to teach people how to use solar resource data. This funding has enabled the enhancement of our Web site and will allow us to undertake solar resource assessment workshops in future years. To see what types of education-related resources we currently have available, visit our Web page about educational materials.

Oregon's Universities Know Solar
OregonBEST button Today, with guidance from the Oregon Built Environmental & Sustainable Technologies Center (Oregon Best), Oregon is investing millions of dollars in the expansion of a state-wide network of research tools and faculty expertise aimed at fast-tracking solar technologies and serving solar energy businesses in Oregon.

To participate
Become a sponsor button If your company or agency is making use of the solar resource information provided at this Web site, consider becoming one of our sponsors. The UO SRML also contracts to help set up solar monitoring equipment and to provide data archiving for solar radiation data.

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